into the website of the Shikoku and Australian Shepherd Of Mistral's Kiss kennel located in Tuscany, in the municipality of Marliana, in the province of Pistoia.


Since I was a child, I have always loved animals, especially dogs and horses, but everything remained a dream until one day, upsetting mine and my mother's life, who I will never thank enough for allowing me to get here, we decided to move and undertake this beautiful journey, made up of many satisfactions but also many disappointments.


A special thanks must go to a little Yorkie named Trilli, who I will have forever tattooed indelibly both in my soul and on my body, my first dog, my first friend, who ferried me through all my childhood to at 18 years old. She made me understand that, without dogs, life would be certainly quieter, but empty.


The first dog I chose was the Australian Shepherd, an American breed of dog.


I saw it for the first time many years ago, at a horse fair in Verona, where I was present every year of course. I immediately fell in love with it. Their energetic, joyful character, active dogs but who at the same time do not disdain spending hours, together with their master, on the sofa. Because of all these characteristics that I loved, Selvaggia arrived, my first aussie, a crazy red merle who, still at 9 years old, looks like a puppy both in head and body. I have yet to find a more indelicate dog, but I would never exchange her with someone else.


The second dog I took home changed all my certainties. A breed that at the time had only 5 dogs in Italy, which very few knew and even fewer had seen it alive, the shikoku. It was love at first sight, and after a few months Mandou arrived, the sixth Italian shikoku, born as a singleton in the only Italian kennel of that time, the Kazemachi No Ken. I will never be able to thankenought Laura and Andrea for allowing me to have their own special puppy. When opposites are said to attract, Australians and Shikoku fit perfectly into the description. Shikoku are quiet dogs, very regal and delicate, the nobility of the canine kingdom. They hate getting dirty, if it were for them they would even avoid going out to pee in the rain unlike the Aussies who are rustic and messy.


Our first and foremost goal as owners and then as breeders, is the selection of the puppy paying equal attention to health, character and obviously morphology that must respect the breed standard prepared by the FCI (International Dog Federation). Ours is a passion, so we don't sell our puppies to the first comer, just to sell. We must feel love for dogs and for the breed, even in those who want one of our puppies. Unfortunately we all make mistakes, and we too have, at the beginning, not framed some people well, trusting their beautiful words, entrusting in their hands dogs that we had to take back. But now next to the words we ask for the facts.